Commercial buildings under contract for foreclosure services.
Why Lenders Need a Foreclosure Service

Lenders enacting a foreclosure for the first time may consider processing the foreclosure on their own to save money. But getting the process wrong can result in even further losses for lenders. Lenders need foreclosure services to handle this complicated … Read More

Phoenix, Arizona, commercial buildings under foreclosure process.
How to Foreclose a Deed of Trust in Arizona

Many people are familiar with the popular term “mortgage” as it pertains to an agreement between a borrower and a lender. However, deeds of trusts are far more common than mortgages. In Arizona, property loans are secured by deeds of … Read More

Lender inspectors at commercial building construction site.
What Lenders Need to Know About Lender Inspections

How Do Lender Inspections Help Lenders? A lender inspection is purely an inspection to ensure that building projects, especially renovation or rehabilitation projects, are remaining on course. These inspections are sometimes done before each scheduled draw period. Lender inspections are … Read More

For Sale sign on short sale commercial building
What a Short Sale Means for Lenders

Any lenders facing unpaying borrowers know that foreclosure is often a last resort. Foreclosure brings many complications for both lenders and borrowers, and can often result in losses on both ends. Lenders seeking alternative resolution might consider resolving the deficiency … Read More

Innovate 2022 Real Estate Commercial Lender Foreclosure Conference in California
Geraci Innovate Conference 2022: What We Learned

Last week, the Total Lender Solutions team attended the Innovate Conference 2022 at Newport Beach. This conference connected us with lenders, brokers, investors and service providers. The event was hosted by Geraci Conferences, who gathered some of the best experts … Read More

Los Angeles commercial buildings at night, some of which are being foreclosed.
Nonjudicial Foreclosure Process in Los Angeles County

In Los Angeles County, non-judicial foreclosures are the most common track for foreclosing commercial properties. California foreclosure laws are extremely complex; lenders can protect their business and their assets by ensuring that they adhere to the state’s requirements. Following the … Read More

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