Foreclosure Processing

The process of recovering your assets following a loan default doesn’t need to be daunting.

State, federal, and local laws surrounding the foreclosure process are overwhelmingly complex. At Total Lender Solutions, our extensive knowledge of regulations and legal requirements allows us to simplify the process and alleviate any frustration and confusion our partners may be feeling. We take the time to evaluate each circumstance and implement a plan of action, pairing our proven processes and over 35 years of industry experience with transparent instruction and initiative to get the job done.

We handle non-judicial foreclosures throughout California, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas.


State-Specific Nonjudicial Foreclosure Processes



of all foreclosures are resolved before sale.

Law Firm Verifies Complicated Property Statuses to Simplify Court Reporting

When a loan is secured by multiple parcels and/or multiple deeds of trust, special care must be taken to ensure that all of the documents secure the properties. This is to verify the status of each property.

We were engaged by a law firm representing a bankruptcy trustee for a debtor whose main asset was a multimillion-dollar note and deed of trust. The deed of trust secured 20 parcels of vacant land in Southern California that had been in the process of subdivision for residential housing before the borrower defaulted.

We worked hand-in-hand with the attorneys to conduct a deep dive review into the trustee’s sale guarantee, which revealed that set parcels were tax delinquent (at different times) and that multiple parcels had been partially transferred to third parties. We created flow charts and profiles for each parcel so that the law firm could easily review the properties and report back to the bankruptcy trustee and the court.

Our Key Solutions:

  • Hand-In-Hand Engagement with Attorneys
  • Extensive TSG, Map, and Underlying Document Review 
  • Parcel Flow Chart and Profile Creation
  • Process Streamlining

“The foreclosure process becomes more complicated every year, and so it is with full confidence that when we send a file to Total Lender Solutions we know that it is being handled in a professional and lawful manner. As a leading expert in the foreclosure field, [The TLS Team] is always up to date on current legislation and willing to offer information and advice to [their] clients. We are more than satisfied with the service we receive from Total Lender Solutions”

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Streamline the process & maximize asset recovery