Geraci Innovate Conference 2022: What We Learned

Innovate 2022 Real Estate Commercial Lender Foreclosure Conference in CaliforniaLast week, the Total Lender Solutions team attended the Innovate Conference 2022 at Newport Beach. This conference connected us with lenders, brokers, investors and service providers. The event was hosted by Geraci Conferences, who gathered some of the best experts in the field.

For us, the highlight of the event was the Risk Mitigation panel. The panel consisted of Steve Ernest, Esq, who offered insight into the world of estate litigation; T.J. Coveyou, who has extensive experience in distressed properties; Sabrina Dukhovny, with thirteen years of experience in loan operations, and Jennifer McGuinness, who has years of influence in commercial lending. This panel meant a lot to us because, as a solutions service that handles foreclosures, we know that lenders face considerable risk. Our services handle paperwork to assure that lenders remain aligned with compliance and free from the risk of lawsuits and penalties.

We had an amazing time networking with new, potential partners, learning about your businesses, discussing how foreclosure experts, like Total Lender Solutions, can be invaluable assets for your team.

Keep Your Team Educated About Foreclosure Law

At Total Lender Solutions, we advocate for lenders looking to maximize recoveries on defaulted loans. For over 15 years, our team of highly experienced real estate professionals and legal experts has transformed complicated processes into clear resolutions for institutional and private lenders. We work as a vigorous extension of your team to provide comprehensive solutions and seamless communication, from pre-foreclosure and notice of default to the final sale phase. Our dedication and persistence when it comes to the foreclosure process ensures that our clients feel confident in reaching a successful outcome. Contact us today.

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