We simplify your processes, so you can focus on your customers.

As a lender, you’re juggling multiple borrower accounts, each with their own unique needs and circumstances. At Total Lender Solutions, we work as an extension of your team to help complete tasks that your team may not have the time or resources to tackle on your own. 

We guide lenders as they release borrowers from completed mortgage debt through a Deed of Reconveyance or Cancellation/Satisfaction of Mortgage. Our team manages the transfer of ownership and title to simplify the lender’s role. We work in a legal, ethical, and timely manner, pairing our proven processes and 35 years of industry experience with transparent instruction and initiative to get the job done. With Total Lender Solutions on your team, you can streamline your reconveyance processes, giving you more time to focus on serving your customers.


of states use a deed of trust as their primary security instrument. A reconveyance cancels a deed of trust.

Lender Clears Backlog of Recorded Documents with Streamlined Processes

An important task in loan servicing is to ensure that reconveyances and satisfactions of mortgage are sent to escrow or the appropriate county recorder in a timely manner. This removes the security instrument from the public record, and failure to do so can expose the lender or servicer to a lawsuit for both statutory penalties and/or actual damages suffered. 

One of our clients services a significant portfolio of loans nationwide. Due to staffing issues, the client had fallen behind on processing its reconveyances and satisfactions of mortgage. They contacted TLS to discuss what, if anything, we could do to help them. After assessing our client’s needs, we quickly cleared the backlog of reconveyances and satisfactions of mortgage by creating a cost-effective, interactive process allowing the client to simply upload a copy of the recorded document. 

Our team continues to assist the client as a key provider for their reconveyance department. We prepare the appropriate documents for the client’s signature and arrange recordings of the termination documents.

Our Key Solutions:

  • Implementation of Interactive Processes
  • Document Preparation 
  • Arrangement of Termination Recording
  • Ongoing Assistance 

“I believe there are Companies that you ‘do business with’ and those who ‘help your business’; TLS is a highly valued and trusted partner that delivers added value.”

Drew L.
Del Toro Loan Servicing, Inc.


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