What is a Loan Trustee Service and How Does It Help Lenders?

Lenders in Arizona hired a loan trustee service company to foreclose their commercial property.In a loan with real estate as collateral, the trustee is the neutral third party that holds a title until it is ready to either be transferred to the borrower, transferred to another trustee, or handed over in the event of a foreclosure.

What is a Loan Trustee Service or Mortgage Trustee Service?

If a borrower takes on a loan for real estate, it is either titled under a deed of trust or a mortgage. Although the word “mortgage” is used interchangeably to describe all loans with real estate as collateral, the two terms are different.

Mortgages happen between two parties: the lender and the borrower. In a mortgage, borrowers hold onto their title, and the lender puts a lien on the property. If the lender wishes to foreclose the property and there is no power of sale clause in the loan instrument, they will have to file a court order to foreclose.

A deed of trust is drawn between three parties: the lender, the borrower, and the trustee. In a deed of trust, the trustee holds the title until the borrower either pays the loan — in which case the trustee transfers the title to the borrower — or until the borrower defaults, at which time the trustee will enact the foreclosure process non-judicially.

A loan trustee service or mortgage trustee is a neutral third party that enacts actions for the lender. Lenders typically choose their own trustee, and trustees can be a title company, professional escrow comment, or even an attorney.

Total Lender Solutions Offers Loan Trustee Services

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